BELIEVE in yourself and conquer new heights TOGETHER with us!

Want to catch up on things you missed in school? Want to crack hard Math problems, hack English skills, or master your Ukrainian? POVIR is here to help you with just that! This is a joint effort by the government and civil society, developed to support your learning. The results will be astonishing!

POVIR (Ukrainian ПОВІР) stands for: Overcoming Educational Losses and Gaps. POVIR means BELIEVE IT in Ukrainian.


POVIR is a cohort of the curious and creative. Learning with us is interesting and easy! Here you can boost your skills and superpowers, and improve your knowledge of Math, Ukrainian, and English for free.

You are the focus!
At POVIR, we consider your uniqueness and needs, and we hear your suggestions. Be sure that your requests are valued. BELIEVE us, you are exactly where you need to be. We are thrilled to have you!
We're on your side!
We're always here for you. We will help you to find answers to tough questions, overcome all educational challenges, and will suggest effective solutions. We believe in you and your success, and we also teach you to believe in yourself!
Me & You = Community
Join our friendly community! With us, you'll learn to recognize your emotions and manage them, understand others, stay resilient, think critically, explore, show up, and most importantly, be yourself.
The Super Team of
We know the secrets of pedagogical art, apply state-of-the-art teaching methods and are constantly improving, have our own tricks and lifehacks, and share them willingly.
Our Values
We believe that awareness, compassion, and engagement are what unites teams and communities. Learn about our values and ethical standards for cooperation here.
Your Bonuses
Follow your dreams! Accumulate bonuses, overcome challenges, collect our currency, vircoins, and use them as you wish: donate, exchange for gifts, or invest.

Invest time in your personal development and fully benefit from the cooperation: set records, earn achievements, convert successes into vircoins / , save them up & exchange for merch or donate.

What are the gains from participating in the project? The benefits that bring you the ultimate experience!

  • 1
    Pleasant and unexpected introductions and a welcome quiz.
  • 2
    One-on-ones and SEL teachers' support on the path to success.
    Thirty- or sixty-minute online one-on-one meetings with SEL teachers. The meetings will help you to achieve your goals, to develop the skills of the 21st century, and to track your progress on the platform.
  • 3
    Trainer support and development of life skills.
  • 4
    Six Sprints with special focus on Math, Ukrainian, and English.
    The Sprints are online 30-minute meetings for quickly helping you with learning, where you can figure out some homework challenges, discuss your ideas, or ask questions. You will have the total of six Sprints, two per subject (Math, Ukrainian, English).
  • 5
    Do it the grown-up way, with agreements and a real contract.
    This might as well be the first agreement in your life: a document you will sign with an SEL teacher and a trainer on your participation in the Marathon. It’s serious: with its own subject, rights and responsibilities of the parties, and other terms and details that you will have to keep up with to get to the finish line.
  • 6
    A chance for a longer game — track your progress and participate in an educational Marathon.
    The Marathon comprises 10 online sessions aimed at training you up in one of the subjects: Math, Ukrainian, or English. You can make it to the Marathon following two Sprints in one subject, after completing a questionnaire and a pre-start checkup at the Ukrainian Online School. You won't be running alone: an SEL educator will be there to help you stay on track and keep up the pace.
  • 7
    Feedback and prompt online support.
  • 8
    A bonus system, highscores, and merch.
    The bonus system is a whole set of awards: overcome challenges and set records, get prizes and save up vircoins, exchange them for merch or donate, and join our sessions with celebrities!
  • 9
    International-standard certificate.
  • 10
    POVIRpedia, a knowledge base with educational mind maps on subject topics.

to join?
For the piloting of the POVIR joint initiative by the government and civil sector, 2 000 students from 7th, 9th, and 11th grades are invited to learn on the platform.

We believe in each and every one of you, your ability to overcome challenges, improve, and succeed! POVIR in yourself too!

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Want help with catching up on subjects by learning & playing at the same time?

Go and apply*, wait for an invitation, and tell your friends about the POVIR initiative!

I want to join

* During the piloting of the platform, participating students are nominated by partner government agencies or civil society organizations, including educator communities. In the future, the platform will be able to admit more users. Open enrollment slots can become available during the pilot phase, so feel free to apply by pressing the Take the chance button, so we can invite you as soon as an opportunity arises.


POVIR for You, Too!


For Parents

POVIR education initiative is a safe environment for your child's growth and learning; the third place, apart from home and school, where your child can get assistance. All platform services are free: individual support from SEL teachers, feedback on academic achievements and challenges your child takes up; recordings of all interactions of your child.


For Educators

We invite educators to cooperate with us on the POVIR platform. POVIR is a space for your academic freedom, creative teaching methods, realization of your teacher and individual missions, transparent payments and decent fees for consultations, as well as free professional development and methodological support.


For Media

Learn more about POVIR, the free innovative educational platform. This initiative, launched in cooperation between the government and the civil society, aims at students of 7th, 9th, and 11th grades and at helping their parents and teachers. The platform features free learning sessions with trainers, a motivating gaming environment, and social, emotional, and ethical learning.